NovaSOL® translates the natural micelle structure into industrial solutions, which we therefore also call "biomimetic" - mimicking nature. The micelles created during the NovaSOL® processing enable fully soluble, crystal clear solutions of lipophilic or waterinsoluble ingredients.

This is possible by employing the patented NovaSOL® technology, which encapsulates the active ingredients in the smallest, absolutely homogeneous way in the form of micelles. Nature provides the example: Micelles with diameters in the double-figure nanometre range are found e.g. in milk or hen eggs. But also the human organism is continually producing micelles to render the fat-soluble substances, such as for example vitamins A, D, E and K, absorbable in the body. This is the basic prerequisite for the fat metabolism or the fat digestion.

The NovaSOL® micelle is stable with respect to high and low pH and a broad temperature range. It has a typical diameter of approximately 30 nm. While microemulsions and liposomes may be problematical and unsuitable, the NovaSOL® enables optimized solution in the fields of foodstuffs (functional food), cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. The 100% watersoluble micelle can be integrated directly and independently of recipe characteristics into final products.

NovaSOL® micelles offer an optimum carrier system of hydrophobic ingredients for a higher and faster intestinal and dermal resorption and penetration of active ingredients.

1. Easy to use in production

The incorporation of micellated fat-soluble or water-insoluble substances into final products can be done directly and without additional intermediate production steps and independently of matrix and final product quality.

2. Superior resorption / penetration

Scientific tests prove the high dermal penetration and intestinal resorption of micellated active ingredients. Fat-soluble active substances, such as Vitamin E, are resorbed with the aid of bile salts and enzymes via micelle formation in the small intestine. However, this process is associated with low bioavailability of the relevant substances. Due to NovaSOL® micelles the physiological mechanism of intestinal micelle formation is bypassed and consequently, a higher bioavailability is achieved.

3. High stability

In comparison to emulsions or liposomes, NovaSOL® micelles are thermally, mechanically (shear forces) and pH-stable (gastric acids) as well as being insusceptible microbiologically.

4. Broadening application scope

For difficult or previously unprocessable substances, the quoted advantages of the micellation of active substances open up completely new application possibilities in the foodstuffs, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors.

5. Contribute to sustainability

Due to enhanced bioavailability and efficacy of NovaSOL® micellated ingredients they can be used at much lower dosages. This greatly contributes to a sustainable use of resources.

Micellisation process

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