NOVASOL® Q10 45 capsules

Coenzyme Q10 is a natural, lipophilic active located in the cell mitochondria. It is an essential cofactor in the creation of energy (ATP) and acts as a strong physiological antioxidant.

The body own´s physiological synthesis starts to slow down beyond the age of 20 and drops dramatically beyond the age of 40. By nature it is poor in absorption due to its lipophilic character and only available in tiny amounts in normal foodstuffs.

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NovaSOL® Q10 45 softgel capsules

  • Art. no. SG0105/45

  • Soft capsules with 45 mg coenzyme Q10 per capsule

Scientifically proven bioavailability in a natural manner

  • Controlled blinded and randomized human trial

  • Up to 4 times faster and higher absorption

  • Challenging comparison to leading market products and native Q10

  • Strictly conducted along state of the art standards

  • Basis: 60 participants

  • Published in peer reviewed journal (Link)


Cardiovascular Health

Cell Protection

Coenzyme Q10 properties

  • Produced naturally in mitochondria, decreasing at age >25

  • Only tiny amounts present in normal foodstuffs

  • Poor in absorption due to its lipophilic character

  • Health benefits related to:

    • Cardiovascular health / heart function

    • Increasing ATP production

    • Limiting oxidative damage

    • Antioxidant protection

    • Increase of mitochondrial function

Empowered by NovaSOL®

  • Biomimetic – a nature like micelle structure

  • Fast absorption & superior bioavailability

  • Patent protected

  • No chemical modification

  • High mechanical, thermal & pH stability

  • Food Safety (FSSC 22000) certified

  • Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

  • NovaSOL® cobranding option

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