AQUANOVA was founded in 1995 and conducted breakthrough research and development to explore and establish for the first time an industrially reliable technology, which allows superior dissolution of previously water insoluble ingredients. This technology, creating a nature like micelle structure, sets the standard for solubility.

All solubilisate products today are marketed under the umbrella trademark NovaSOL®. While in the early stages our focus was on beverage solutions, being the reason for the company name, we today serve the industry with a broad scope of standardized NovaSOL® solubilisates for private label use in food, dietary supplements, cosmetics and pharma.

The company was founded by Dariush Behnam inspired by his engineering know how and mission to add quality to life with the innovative solubilization technology. His son Frank Behnam continues the innovation and science based approach.

Within the first ten years AQUANOVA created the basis for its technology and built up a strong IP portfolio, which is based on numerous scientific research projects and is continously expanded until today. We differentiate from other ingredient suppliers, which focus on developing ingredient formulas, by owning the proprietary engineering know-how, which enabled us to design the highly automated NovaSOL® processing plant. Furthermore we create value add IP for our customers through scientific evidence for our NovaSOL® products and related patent protection.

Our market approach and achievements are acknowledged by major players, industrial institutions and market intelligence companies such as Frost & Sullivan.