Comparable to resveratrol, the antiageing ingredient from wine, xanthohumol is a natural ingredient from hop, a key component in beer brewery.

Several health-beneficial effects of xanthohumol have been reported such as:

  • Chemopreventive and anti-inflammatory activities
  • Decrease of adipogenesis
  • Improvement of lipid and glucose metabolism in murine models of hyperlipidemia and obesity.
  • Inhibition of hepatic inflammation and fibrosis
  • Inhibitory effects on inflammatory and fibrogenic mechanisms in the liver

Empowering Xanthohumol

Using advanced micellation technology, it has been possible to significantly enhance the bioavailability of xanthohumol.

The anti-inflammatory efficacy of native versus micellar xanthohumol have been demonstrated in a rat adjuvant arthritis model using a standard API as the reference.

Furthermore NovaSOL® Xanthohumol has proven its liver protective health effect in an animal trial.