Robust immune system support

  • DUO = powerful ingredients + powerful format

  • EFSA claim: “Contributes to the normal function of the immune system”covered by EU regulation no. 432/2012

  • Additional EFSA health claims can be made added according to product concept

  • "One a day” – supplies full dosage of actives

On request we can provide this product as full service in bottles or bilister packs. Let us know your vision and we will make it happen.

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DUO power by formula

  • Optimized galenics for water & fat soluble ingredients

  • NovaSOL® outside —> makes fat soluble vitamins water soluble = bioavailable

  • Water soluble ingredients inside —> synergistic blend of dry actives

DUO power by Duocaps®

  • Patented capsule-in-capsule delivery system

  • Designed for dual release & combinations

  • Smaller pre-filled capsule sits inside larger

  • NovaSOL® liquid-filled capsule

  • Fully vegetarian

  • Allows customized design options


covered by EU regulation no. 432/2012

Bone Health

Cell Protection

Eye Health

Immune Health

Skin Health

One DUO IMMUNE capsule a day

Liquid filling outside (according to DGE)

  • Vitamin A: 800 µg

  • Vitamin D: 20 µg

  • Vitamin E: 15 mg

  • Vitamin K2: 75 µg

Dry filling inside:

  • Vitamin C: 80 mg

  • Zink: 10 mg

  • Selenium: 5,5 µg

  • Echinacea 4%: 30mg

Vitamins A, D, E, K – empowered by NovaSOL®

  • Biomimetic – a nature like micelle structure

  • Fast absorption & superior bioavailability

  • Patent protected

  • No chemical modification

  • High mechanical, thermal & pH stability

  • Food Safety (FSSC 22000) certified

  • Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

  • NovaSOL® cobranding option

Strengthen your brand making use of this innovativ product concept

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