Sorbic- and benzoic acid have long and extensively been used as preservatives in the food industry. Their effectiveness strongly depends on the pH-value of the food and diminishes distinctly above pH 4. Above pH 6 there is practically no effect anymore.

The new NovaSOL® DC/DS product family enables these preservatives to be applied in totally new dimensions.

pH-independent performance in the pH range 1.0 – 7.0

The effectiveness of sorbic- and benzoic acid so far has been linked to the adjustment of a certain pH-value. Neither substance is active at a neutral pH and exert no or only a marginal protection. The patented NovaSOL® formulations, however, offer full preservation across the entire pH range and, hence, broaden the application spectrum enormously.

Surface disinfection and preservation

Micelles with a diameter of 30 nm only are loaded with the preservatives. They form a superior transport system, distributing them evenly throughout the surface of the food, protecting it entirely. Yeast and molds have no chance of growing.

Significantly higher solubility

Unlike with the conventional forms of sorbic- and benzoic acid, the NovaSOL® DC/DS products allow for effective concentrations of the preservatives because of a 20 to 30 fold solubility. No crystallization , which would deactivate the preservatives, takes place.