Two health ingredients are combined in this product, each with a beneficial effect on body weight, in a way that allows them to work simultaneously and synergistically.

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Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

As a cofactor of mitochondrial enzymes, it exerts an effect in the hypothalamus that ultimately reduces the appetite, accelerates satiety and enhances energy expenditure in a totally natural and physiological way.

Coenzyme Q10

This well known nutraceutical plays an important part in the energy metabolism. It reduces the portion of food energy which is stored as body fat, and increases the part which is burnt off as thermal energy.

Benefits for sustainable weight management

Sustainable weight management can benefit from NovaSOL® SUSTAIN. The natural active substances obtain their efficacy through co-solubilization and the resulting micelle structure.

AQUANOVA managed to integrate the relevant active substances into a single micelle, which transports them rapidly to blood plasma and thus allows them to create the maximum bioavailability.

Weight management can benefit from the synergistic ingredient effect through a reduction of waist circumference and visceral fat, associated with increased cardiovascular risks.

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