By micellation of raw materials we want to achieve the following goals:

Easy incorporation of nutrients or active ingredients into end products

Additives, complex matrix design and additional intermediate production steps can be skipped.

Optimized absorption or penetration of functional active ingredients

Due to their micelle structure, active ingredients can be absorbed by the body (orally or dermally) significantly better and faster, as demonstrated by various randomized double-blind studies and externally conducted tests.

Optimization of the effect of technical active ingredients and development of new fields of application

Micellelization enables technical active ingredients (food additives) such as natural antioxidants (ascorbic acid, tocopherol mix) to be effective at lower dosages than previously possible. Furthermore, due to their amphiphilic character (simultaneous water and fat solubility), the active ingredients can be used in a much broader range of food recipes.

Reduced resource consumption

As a consequence of the higher absorption of functional active ingredients and improved efficacy of technical active ingredients, the concentration of active ingredients and the amount of additives can be significantly reduced - a reduction in the impact on humans and the environment.


Customer orientation

We are oriented towards the requirements of our customers (exclusively B2B) and strive for high customer satisfaction. To ensure this, we continuously research the market and regulatory development of active ingredients/raw materials and their safety in order to offer our customers the best possible support in the development of finished products.


Our team works together responsibly and with dedication, using flexible, cooperative models. Each employee stands for the quality of his or her performance. We support this by open and prompt communication of all important issues. We make sure that our employees acquire and apply their skills, especially with regard to quality and food safety, through regular information events and further training events.

Legal requirements

We closely watch the legal requirements in connection with all our business activities. Where relevant for our products, we consistently implement the current requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice and food safety. In addition, we comply with the relevant regulations that apply in particular to the food supplement industry, such as the Health Claims and Novel Food Regulations.

Added value and sustainability orientation

Our research and development work is oriented towards exploiting the often untapped potential of natural raw materials and active ingredients in particular.

Quality / Food Safety and Standards

We are committed to the principles of quality and food safety management, which we have developed and documented and which we are constantly developing and improving. Our FSSC 22000 / ISO 22000 certification is particularly of importance in this context. These standards are based, among other factors, on the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP, under whose strict observance we produce.

As part of this, we have created a culture for quality and food safety responsibility, which we maintain and constantly optimize.

We manufacture according to the food standards Halal and Kosher.

We include our suppliers and partners in our quality management system and food standards. Thus we guarantee a perfect quality of our products and a high reliability of our services.

Continuous communication with external/interested parties

We pay great attention to continuous open and proactive communication. In this way we want to ensure that we include all safety-relevant aspects of business operations as well as react promptly to developments and events from external/interested parties.