NovaSOL® Q (Ubiquinone)

Coenzyme Q10 is a natural, lipophilic active located in the cell mitochondria. It is essential cofactor in the generation of energy (ATP) and acts as a strong physiological antioxidant.

The body own´s physiological synthesis starts to slow down beyond the age of 20 and drops dramatically beyond the age of 40. By nature it is poor in absorption due to its lipophilic character and only available in tiny amounts in normal foodstuffs.

Related key health benefits

  • Cardiovascular health / heart function

  • Increasing ATP production

  • Limiting oxidative damage

  • Antioxidant protection

  • Increase of mitochondrial function

NovaSOL® Q - enabling bioavailability in a natural manner

NovaSOL® offers a range of Coenzyme Q10 formulas and fully utilizes the benefits of the biomimetic micellation, making Coenzyme Q10 fully water and fat soluble and boosting its absorption.

Bioavailability proven in a human clinical

  • Controlled blinded and randomized study

  • Up to 4 times faster and higher resorption

  • Challenging comparison to leading market products and straight Q10

  • Strictly conducted along state of the art standards

  • Basis: 60 participants

Versatile, safe & reliable

  • Can be used in beverages or dietary supplements, especially soft gel capsules.

  • GRAS status

  • Kosher & Halal

  • Ready to use

  • Learn more by downloading the brochure (PDF, 393.29 KB).

NovaSOL® Q Product

Art. No.


Health Categorie

Q10, 5%


Capsules, Cosmetic

Cardio, Antioxidant

Q10, 22%


Liquids, Cosemtic

Cardio, Antioxidant

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